"The High Price I Had To Pay BOOK Series"


Everybody knows that if you break the law and get caught, you go to prison. But what happens when the very same people that are supposed to enforce and uphold the law, are criminals themselves?
Three strangers, Eshe, Milla, and Sun-Solé, meet under the worst circumstances possible--behind bars. Prison isn't at all what they expected, and from the onset of their arrival, these three savvy boss chicks find themselves surrounded by disloyal snitches, set-ups, and scandalous drama. Determined to survive the system that enslaved them, these courageous women unite and embark on a mission to level the scales of justice. Will they survive the gruesome conditions of confinement, or will they fold under pressure?


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The Pink Panther Clique Pledge

We are the Pink Panther Clique. We are a sorority of women, who are restoring our lives after the pain of incarceration. We have joined forces to pool our contacts and resources to build a brighter future, help our prison sisters rebuild their lives and to create awareness about the epidemic of women in prison and mass incarceration in the United States.

Pink represents our soft feminine nature. The panther represents our relentless determination and will power to overcome whatever obstacles we encounter.  

We are a group of strong courageous women who are conquering our goals and recapturing our dreams. We've learned through our journey, the past does not have to dictate the future. Therefore, we are no longer looking backwards!

Today we pledge to focus on a bright future, which we will share in harmony and unity. We pledge to assist our prison sisters in every way we can, even if it's only a kind word of encouragement. We pledge to use our talent, creativity and resources to uplift one another and restore our lives. And, we vow to deter from crime at all costs!

We have committed to surrender to God, and allow Him to take our pain and transform it into purpose! Our hardships have taught us, without a doubt, "You can't keep a boss chick down!" That's because we're built to outlast the storm!
      The Pink Panther Clique reigns united and supreme! Prison Sisters for life!!  

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Wahida Clark & Jamila T. Davis Live on the Tom Joyner Morning Show! with @JacqueReid Her Story The Pink Panther Clique “Its not what we did but what we are doing now and where we are going.”

Pink Panther Cliques own "Brandi Davis" makes her debut on reality show "From The Bottom Up" which airs every Saturday at 10pm on BetHer. Check your local stations for times. 

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